Winter semester, 2020-21
Seminar for Culture and Media Management, Freie Universität Berlin

            Over 14 x 2 hour sessions, the class functioned as ‘cultural strategists’, using digital media to create, disseminate and disrupt cultural knowledge. This MA seminar brings together theory and practice to examine digital communications and publishing in their most expanded form — as a deeply social, (para)networked and experimental practice. Digital self-publishing allows artists, curators and cultural producers to side-step traditional cultural infrastructure. In these workshops, this is understood as a processual and collaborative practice shaped by its constituent technologies — as well as a methodology for thinking together. Over the sessions, we will begin to build a practical framework for material convergence, self-instituting, alternative epistemologies, and community entanglement(s).

From Zach Blas’ Contra-Internet/Jubilee 2033 (2018)