3. Making Publics


Summer semester 2021
Seminar for Culture and Media Management, Freie Universität Berlin

            This MA seminar blends theory and practice to explore publishing as an expansive, playful and radical pursuit. We begin on the premise that publishing — both as the act of making something public and creating new publics — can develop alternative relations, sensory experiences, and modes of attention. Making Public(s) examines a wide range of publishing and media practices. During practical workshops, you will learn how to create simple publishing platforms, develop closed communication networks through newsletters, and use free software for basic sound and/or video editing. You will be encouraged to relate these media experiments to supporting texts and materials from a variety of disciplines, including science fiction, art/visual cultures, gender studies, media studies, philosophy and literature. By the end of the semester, you will have produced a complete digital publication together as a group, featuring your own individual contributions.